Welding, grinding

During the welding and grinding operations the fumes and smokes occur. These fumes are harmful substances and may cause the cancer and other diseases.

The extraction and filtration device is designed with the aim to exctract the fumes from the welding directly at the source. The health of the workers is therefore protected.

We always calculate the dust collector in order to have the lowest maintenance and operation costs (a suitable size of the dust collector, quantity and material of the filter cartridges).

Very often the individual welding and cutting workplaces are equipped with the extract arms which are connected with the air ducts to the central dust filter standing outside of the building.
During the summer, the filtrated air goes out of the building. On the other hand, in the winter the air returns back to the building to save the costs for the heating.

Application fields

  • welding

  • grinding

  • polishing

  • brushing

  • milling

Recommended types

Cartridge filter type N

Types N1000 VN or N1500 VN.
Cartridge dust collector with 1 pc of filter cartridge (filter area 15 or 24 m2, air volume up to 1.800 m3/h). It includes the support construction with the dust container. It may have one extract arm.

Cartridge filter type P

Types P1500/9/N, P1500/12/N, P1200/25/N.
This robust dust filter has from 9 up to 25 pcs of filter cartridge (filter area 17-99 m2, air volume up to 6.500 m3/h).
It includes the support construction with the dust container. It may have one or two extract arms.

Cartridge filter type M

The M-type dust collector is always used as the central dust filter to dedust several workplaces. A visit on site is usually needed in order to calculate the leading and the size of the air ducts.
The dust collector usually stands outside, with the air out in the summer and in in the winter.

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