Wood processing

The design of the dust collectors is not easy due to the high concentration of dust which may cause the explosion. The environment is usually ATEX rate classified.

Another feature is the huge amount of rough and wet sawdust – from this reason we recommend to use the dust collectors either with the round bags or with the flat hoses.

Application fields :

  • silo and bunker dedusting

  • dedusting of transfer points

  • dedusting of bucket elevators and chain conveyors

  • loading stations (on trucks, into silo tankers)

  • sawdust from woodworking machines

  • wood processing central dedusting

The dust collectors have the pressure resistant filter housing and antistatic filter elements.
Additionally, they may have also the explosion membranes. On the air ducts, the relief valve is installed.

Recommended types

Bag dust collector type PH BAG JET

This robust bag collector with the air capacity up to 6.000 m3/h is the ideal choice for the local dedusting of sawdust from the woodworking machines or the transfer points.

Bag dust collector type MH

The bag house M is used as a central dedusting device for the several woodworking machines.

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