Petrochemical industry

The design of the dust collectors for the chemical industry (fertiliser production, refineries) is not easy due to the high corrosivity of the dust particles. The dust filters are therefore mostly designed in stainless steel AISI 316 or AISI 316 Ti.

Typical products to be dedusted

  • PP granulate
  • potassium chloride
  • granulated sulphur
  • ammonium sulfate, sodium sulfate
  • petroleum coke
  • fertilisers
  • chalk

Common applications

  • silo and bunker dedusting
  • dedusting of transfer points
  • dedusting of bucket elevators
  • loading stations (on trucks, into silo tankers)
  • dedusting of weighting of chemical additives

The primary task

The primary task of each dust collector is the dust extraction at the source. The typical example is the installation of P-type dust filter directly on the conveyor belt with the dust returning back into the material flow.
Vertical installation is the most common. However, in case of the limited space, the horizontal design of the dust collector could be used.

If the dust is ATEX classified, the dust collectors are usually equipped with the pressure resistant filter housing and antistatic filter elements.
Additionally, the dust filters may have also the explosion membranes. On the air ducts, the relief valve is installed.

Recommended types

Cartridge filter type N

The typical example of this smallest dust collector is the silo dedusting.

Cartridge filter type P

This robust dust filter has from 9 up to 25 pcs of filter cartridge (filter area 17-99 m2, air volume up to 6.500 m3/h).
The most typical installation is directly on the conveyor cover with the dust returning back into the product flow. These filters can be used also for the dedusting of the telescopic loading spouts, weighting of chemical additives, dedusting of the packaging lines, transfer points etc.

Cartridge filter type M

This dust collector is used as a central dust filter for the dedusting, for example, conveyor transfer points, railcar unloading or loading of the product on trucks / railcars.

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